July 2014 Vol.3

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  1. HDPE Welding Contract Awarded to Offaly Civil for the Roy Hill Project July 2014

  2. ExcelPlas Expands Pipe Testing Laboratory in Dalby
    ExcelPlas Dalby boasting 8 testing stations is now the Largest Poly Pipe Testing Lab in Australia
    The new facility has multiple CNC machines for sample preparation as well as a dedicated NDT lab

  3. Santos’ Pilliga Exploration Plans Approved

  4. Cromfords open New pipe manufacturing facility for Mackay

  5. QGC to sell off CSG Pipeline Assets

  6. The Complete Guide to Pipe Selection for Trenchless Projects

  7. Electrofusion Confusion – Lies, damn lies and statistics

  8. Appeal bid fails after $730 million pipe contract stalls

  9. Inaccessible locations are an advantage for electrofusion welding

  10. Study on the Allowable Temperature for Preventing Over Welding during Thermal Welding of Polyethylene Pipe

  11. Standard DVS 2207-1 covers electrofusion, Butt Fusion and Socket Fusion welding
    Specific statements and requirements in relation to quality and training:
    – The quality of the welded joints depends on the qualification of the welder
    – The welding work must be monitored
    – Every welder has to be trained and has to be in possession of a valid qualification certificate
    – The welding zone must be protected from bad weather influences
    – Couplings not to be used if coils are oval and bent