June 2014 Vol.1

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  1. Plasson Electrofusion Solutions for Large Bore Pipes 
  2. ExcelPlas Labs Acquired Evisive License for Microwave Inspection of Butt Fusion Welded Pipes
    Microwave Inspection of HDPE Butt Fusion Piping Joints Allows Detection of Lack of Fusion and Weld Zone Defects
    To find out more, contact: [email protected]

  3. Assessment tests for Welded joints in polyethylene piping systems for water and gas supply 
  4. Coal Seam Gas training for PE Piping System at TAFE Queensland SkillsTech by Georg Fischer (+GF+), iPlex and TAFE Queensland SkillsTech (SkillsTech) 
  5. Just Released –  eBook Available on Testing & Analysis of Electrofusion Welded Polyethylene Pipes
    23 Chapters in a State-of-the-Art Monograph eBook
    Cost A$150, to order: [email protected]

  6. Polyethylene Pipes for Fish farm Refurbishment 
  7. *NEW* Pipe Wipes (for pre-cleaning of weld surfaces) – Massive 1 foot x 1 foot square pipe wipes
    Essential when making a pipe fusion joint.
    The very high alcohol content of over 98% in these wipes ensures the joint is completely grease free and dry within seconds to give the perfect joint.
    To order: Perry Matin <[email protected]>

  8. Advanced Piping Systems Ensures Joint Integrity Of PE Fittings And Pipe Systems