March 2016 Vol.1

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New Technology to Reduce Pipeline Failure

Seeking HDPE Poly Pipe Welder for Sydney Projects

Vinidex seeking Qld Sales Manager for Civil / Infrastructure Pipe Sales

Producing 1 km Long Continuous HDPE Pipe in the Field (with no welds)

Iplex parent Fletcher Building banks $NZ85m in sale

Firm Fined $130,000 for Mine Worker Crush Death by HDPE Pipe

Clover Pipelines is Australia’s Fastest Growing Specialist Supplier of HDPE and HDPE Pipelines

Real Time Location Tracking of Pipe Welding Plant and Equipment – New Solar Asset Tracker™
Know where your construction and installation equipment is at all times

Laying HDPE pipelines in PNG – Project Services have laid HDPE pipe in some of the Most Remote Territory in the World

Offaly Civil awarded a contract for the installation HDPE pipe work & electrical conduits for the Shortland Waste Water Treatment Plant

Fingerprinting Technique of PE100 Pipe Resins – Borouge PE100 Example
ExcelPlas can determine type of PE100 resin by trace elemental analysis of catalyst residues

Free Guide to Heat Fusion Joining Procedures and Qualification Guide for HDPE Pipes [PDF]

HDPE Pipe Implicated in Gas Explosion

Case Study Installing HDPE Pipes Underwater

Diverse Group Expands into HDPE Pipe Welding

T&J Whitehouse Showcase their HDPE Poly Welding Services

Sharkbite Publish Pipe Joining Manual

Vermeer Introduces New Tracked Trenches for Installing HDPE Gas Pipelines

Vermeer Showcases New Pipeline Capabilities

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