October 2016 Vol.1

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Australia’s Newest HDPE Pipeline Constructor First Pipeline Contractor to be awarded works on the $2.6B Rio Tinto Alcan Amrun Project
Having started works in May, Moec have successfully Installed over 16km of piping including Large Diameter 1000mm HDPE Piping at the Process Pond.

Victorian Polyethylene Pipe Butt Welding Equipment Manufacturer Worldpoly Wins Export Loan

QGC’S Project Charlie Installing 34 km of HDPE Pipelines Between the Charlie Field Compression Station and Woleebee Creek

World’s First Fully Mobile (HDPE) Polyethylene Pipe Manufacturing Plant Developed in Australia

WSAA Publish Product Appraisal Report on HDPE Electrofusion Fittings for Pressure Applications [PDF]

Ledonne Constructions Wins Main HDPE Sewer Truck Pipe Line Project

HDPE Pipe Failure Modes by Chris O’Connor and Neil Pollock

McConnell Dowell seeking EOIs for Northern Gas Pipeline

APGA Code of Practice for Upstream Polyethylene Gathering Networks Updated

DSM Poly Welding Offering Butt Fusion Welding Services for HDPE Pipe Up to 1200mm diameter

GEM Seeking Poly Pipe Welders for Melbourne Project

Poly Welders Required for Bunbury Project

HDPE Leachate Collection Pipework for Hanson Wollert Landfill Installed by Gem Industrial

Don’t Compromise on PEX Piping
PEX pipe is being use extensively however there has been instances of imported PEX pipe with lower quality.
To get your PEX Piping Tested for Conformance to the Code contact:

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