September 2015 Vol.1

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1. Pipeline Installer WDS Appoints Administrators

2. Fallout from WDS Voluntary Administrations Affects 11 Subsidiaries and Related Parties

3. Queensland Experienced a Construction Boom for CSG and LNG projects, But Now That is Winding Down

4. WDS in Receivership Stokes Fears for Workers

5. Big Resources Firms Scramble to Cover Contractor WDS Collapse

6. PIPA Publish New Technical Document on “Recommendations for Electrofusion Welding Specifications’

7. Arrow Announces Pipeline Construction in Daandine Field – approx. 35km from Dalby on Kumbarilla Lane

8. East Coast Pipeline Pty Ltd (ECP) seeking experienced Pipe Polywelders

9. East Coast Pipeline Pty Ltd (ECP) seeking Experienced Pipe Layers

10. PIPA and Gimbal Engineering offering training in Butt & EF Fusion of Poly Pipes
•  PMBWELD301B Butt weld polyethylene plastic pipelines
•  PMBWELD302B Electrofusion weld polyethylene pipelines

11. PLASSON AUSTRALIA makes Tariff Concession Application for high carbon steel scrappers blades for scraping of the oxide layer on polyethylene pipes as preparation for electrofusion of pipe fittings TC 1529901

12. Plasson Australia Uploads New 2015 Catalogue for its range of Mechanical and Electrofusion Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

13. Canterbury-based Large-bore HDPE pipe-maker Aquaduct NZ for $8 mill

14. Steel & Tube to acquire the assets of Aquaduct NZ

15. BHP and ExxonMobil to Spend A$400m on New Pipeline

16. New Pipe Standard Recognizes PE4710 Resin

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