September 2017 Vol. 1

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Safety Alert – Polyfusion and Electrofusion of Pipes – Electrical Hazard

Failed CSG contractor Ostwald attracts bidder interest

Asia Pacific Piping Systems Specialist Installation Services
APPS offer extensive subcontracting pipe systems installation and supporting services to mining, CSG and water industries

Iplex Seeking Distribution Team Leader

High Country Fusion Pty Ltd (McElroy Distributor) Offering a Large Range of McElroy Hire Fleet – Parts and Service

Attendees: Australian Pipelines and Gas Association Annual Pipeline Convention 2017 Cairns, 14-17 October 2017
Mr Sergio Arellano, McElroy Australia
Mr Dave Hughes, McElroy Australia WA
Mr Tony O’Sullivan , MPC Group QLD
Mr Philip Larson , MPC Group QLD
Mr Rafael Quintero , Fast Fusion, LLC USA
Mr Michael Doyle, Iplex Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd QLD
Mr Ty Morris , Vinidex Pty Ltd NSW
Mr Mark Walker, Qenos Pty Ltd NSW
Dr Jeroen Wassenaar , Qenos Pty Ltd VIC
Mr Ben Waldron , East Coast Pipeline Pty Ltd QLD
Mr Dermot,O’Dwyer  High Country Fusion Pty Ltd QLD

Plasson PE Fittings will Increase by 4.5%

Research Project RP1-06 ‘Cracking in Polyethylene Pipelines’ which aims in creating greater insight into the polyethylene (PE) pipe degradation and lifespan is closed to finalisation.
The research has produced results addressing the deficiencies of using conventional test methods on aged pipes and distinguishing the best characterization techniques of long-term performance of PE pipes.

Worley Parsons Seeking HDPE Pipeline Engineer for PE Gathering Systems

Arrow Energy release Update on New CSG Projects and Pipelines

Cooper Energy Investor Presentation with Pipeline Information

Pipe Tek Offering Pressure Testing Services

ExcelPlas Polymer Labs Now Performing following Testing on Plastic Pipes and Fittings
ISO 1133 – Melt flow rate
ISO 6964 – Carbon black content
ISO 11357 – DSC/OIT
AS1145 – Tensile Strength
AS1462 – Dimensions of Pipes
AS1646 – Testing of Rubber Seals

C2H Piping Services love to fabricate custom HDPE Spools

Biofilm formation, loose deposit accumulation and water quality deterioration in PVC and HDPE Pipes

Methods for Accommodating the Classical Problem of Differential Movement in Buried Pipeline Systems

Design Guideline for Fiberglass Pipelines Installed Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

Development of a Trenchless Renewal Strategy for Process and Fire Main Failures at an Industrial Facility

City of Houston 30-Inch Water Transmission Main Replaced by Compressed Fit HDPE Pipe Lining

Hundreds of employees at Darling Downs-based construction company Ostwald Broshave been made redundant

ExcelPlas Labs Undertake Failure Analysis, Failure Diagnosis and Root Cause Identification for Polyethylene Pipes
Failure in HDPE pipes could happen over a long term under low stress (under the yield stress).
The resistance to this phenomenon is the environmental stress-cracking resistance or slow crack resistance (SCR).
The high SCR in bimodal PE is due to the chain entanglements obtained with the incorporation of comonomers in the polymer of the high molecular weight fraction.
These entanglement networks affect the overall mechanical behavior under low stress conditions.
The failure includes several stages:
Microscopic cavities are formed around inhomogeneities such as scratches, pigments, catalyst residues, fillers and then these cavities form the initiation crazing step. It takes the largest fraction of the failure  mechanism. Once the deformation zone is formed, crazes propagate by the disentanglement of macromolecules and plastic deformation (yielding) until a crack initiation.

ExcelPlas Pipe Testing is a Leader in the Field of Polyethylene (PE) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Testing
ExcelPlas is accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for butt weld tests, bend and tensile tests, peel decohesion tests on electro fusion sockets and failure mode determination

New UHMWPE Pipe for Tailing Offers Greater Than 4X the Abrasion Resistance of PE100

ExcelPlas Poly Pipe Weld Inspection Lists Top 7 Causes of Weld Failure:
• Lack of scraping
• Inaccurate scraping
• Contamination from dirt, water, oil or clays
• Lack of Paralell-ness of fusion faces
• Misalignment of surfaces
• Time, temperature and pressure deviations
• Not adhering to cool times

We have extensive experience in inspection of poly pipe welds for assuring welded joint quality.  Direct Poly Pipe Inspection ensures that operators are following the proven welding procedure; this reduces the occurrences of operational errors which lead to defects such as inclusions, lack of fusion (LoF), porosity and misalignment.
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