January 2016 Vol.1

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Vinidex buys Zest HDPE Pipe Manufacturer

Murphy Pipe & Civil New HDPE Pipe Plow Design set to Reduce Landholder Impact

Plasson Australia is proud to announce that they have become the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand of SIMONA’s range of spigot fittings

Rehau to Launch Radiant Installation System, showcase PEXa piping technologies at AHR

Effects of Defects on Failure of Butt Fusion Welded Polyethylene Pipe

NT Station 330 kilometres of HDPE pipeline in the last 12 months with another 250 kilometres to be installed
Northern Stockwater, a manufacturer of polyethylene pipe products in Katherine, which has supplied the majority of the materials for the water infrastructure on the station.

Reliance targets $1 billion IPO in 2016 and hires JPMorgan

Reece Gives Keys to Hardware Success

Rash of PEX piping Failures in Residential Domestic Hot Water and Hydronic Heating Systems [PDF]
Testing shows that some PEX pipes have low gel content (indicative of inadequate crosslinking), and early depletion of the antioxidant, thus lowering the resistance to oxidative degradation

Melbourne-based Polymer Lab Testing can ensure PEX pipe is manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS2492
Some PEX pipes are prone to premature oxidative failure and creep rupture if not properly cross linked and stabilised.
ExcelPlas can test PEX pipe to determine if the pipe was manufactured correctly and if the material properties correct.

Plumbing Fitting Manufacturer set to flood IPO sector in 2016

Tariff Concession Orders Refused for Imported PEX Pipe 
having ALL of the following: • wall thickness NOT less than 2.2 mm and NOT greater than 4.4 mm; • minimum burst pressure NOT less than 5.5 MPa and NOT  greater than 8 MPa • maximum operating pressure NOT greater than 500 kPa; • compliance with Australian Standard AS 4176.8-2010
Reason for refusal Substitutable goods produced in Australia by Reliance Worldwide Corporation, Dandenong South, VIC

Samios now Exclusive Supplier of Forza PEX in Australia with 50 Year Warranty

Some PEX Plumbing Pipes Shown to Contaminate Drinking Water [PDF]

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