STAR Piping Establishes Presence in Dubai

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STAR Piping Establishes Presence in Dubai with SPG STAR Middle East Trading LLC Launch
Just a few months after restructuring as a corporate group by Managing Partners Andreas Bramert, Florian Lange, and Felix Lange, STAR Piping Group is pleased to announce the establishment of a distribution company in the United Arab Emirates.

Georg Fischer Completes Uponor Acquisition
By joining forces with Uponor, GF is set to become a global leader in sustainable water and flow solutions. To support this ambition, complementary businesses will be grouped together under one roof: the new division GF Uponor will focus on Building Technology, whereas the infrastructure and utility business will move to GF Piping Systems. Uponor Corporation’s President and CEO Michael Rauterkus will join GF’s Executive Committee and will lead the new GF Uponor division together with his Uponor leadership team.

Shareholding of Aliaxis Holdings SA in Uponor has Gone Below the Threshold of 20 Per Cent

Insider Selling: Core & Main, Inc. (NYSE:CNM) President Sells $826,250 in Stock


Webinar on Next Generation HDPE Piping for Water, Gas and Mining Applications (24November 2023)

World’s Largest Plastic Pipe Manufacturer JM Eagle Buys 91,000 SQFT Industrial Property in Tacoma for $16Mil
Based in Los Angeles, JM Eagle is the world’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer of PE and PVC pipes. Formerly known as J-M Manufacturing Company, Inc., 15 years ago, the company merged with PW Eagle, Inc., another manufacturer of plastic pipe, fittings and tubing products.

Call for Reports of Failed Polybutylene Plumbing in Victoria
Please report PB pipe failures to: [email protected]

Fletcher CEO Clueless When Questioned Over Why Iplex Switched Polybutylene Resin Types in 2017

Arvind Chandra joins Aliaxis as the New Divisional CEO of India and Executive Committee Member

Chinese Plastic Pipe Manufacturer Rifo International Sets Up Factory in Africa at Cost of USD15Mil

IPEX (Aliaxis) Publish New Installation Guide for PVC Pressure Pipe [PDF]

ASCE Webinar on Large Diameter Transmission Mains and HDPE Lining

Plastic Pipe Expert Explains Why PB Pipes are Prone to Failure

Rehau Publish New Sustainability Report

Benefits of CPVC Pipe for Residential Construction

Advantages in Sourcing PEX and Multilayer Pipes (PEX-Al-PEX and PERT-Al-PERT) from a Leading Manufacturer

IPEX by Aliaxis Hiring Country Lead, Demand Planning – Canada

ASTM Changes Allow for the use of Higher-performance Polyethylene Pipe designated as Type 4710
The previous edition of Directive 077 included a process for using high-performance bimodal HDPE pipe in oil and gas service. This type of pipe required design using ISO standards rather than the more familiar American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) design standards adopted by CSA Z662. The ASTM standards have since been revised to include this class of HDPE material. Changes to clause 13.3 of CSA Z662 now recognize the ASTM changes and allow for the use of higher-performance polyethylene pipe designated as type 4710. Because this change serves the industry’s needs, the section on ISO design has been removed from Directive 077. Amendments or additions to existing licences of HDPE pipe installed using ISO methodology are still permissible.


Effect of the Crack Layer Theory Parameters on the Discontinuous Slow Crack Growth (SCG) of HDPE Pipes under Fatigue Loading

Assessing Damage to a Polyethylene Pipeline of a Gas Distribution Network Based on a Nonlinear Guided Wave


ExcelPlas Pipe Condition Assessment (PCA)
Owners and operators of plants have been using thermoplastics for many years, transporting water, gas and chemicals along their process. However, for operational and maintenance purposes, the asset integrity of the piping system is required. This could be for a number of reason, such as piping system maintenance, ability to maintain current service conditions. EP offers its 30 plus years of plastic piping application experience to assess the fitness for service of used piping. Our specialists inspect the samples in our state-of-the-art accredited materials testing laboratory for piping components, to give our clients the necessary information to make an informed decision and next steps during a project’s operational, maintenance or design phases resolve threats to client assets. ExcelPlas offers the following testing to determine the condition of plastic pipes:
Technical Data:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Dimensional check
  • Oxidation Induction Time (OIT)
  • Melt Flow Rate (MFR)
  • Fourier-transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry test (DSC)
  • Vicat test
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Report with assessment of the integrity of the piping material


Plastic Pipe Consulting Experts and Services
If you need a team of pipe plastic experts, then ExcelPlas Consulting is the obvious choice – our size is our strength in a market dominated by single consultants.
We provide services on everything from material selection, product testing, processing to failure analysis


ExcelPlas Investigating Poly Pipe Failures
Through failure analysis & forensic chemistry, we help clients improve product performance, increase profits, & resolve product liability claims with plastic pipes and fittings.
We are dedicated to unmatched excellence in failure analysis, investigative chemistry, material testing, and expert witnessing for plastics, polymers and composites.
With over 25 years of investigative experience, the staff at ExcelPlas are uniquely positioned to help clients resolve the most challenging performance and processing issues related to materials and finished pipes and fittings.


PPN the Digital News Platform for Communicating to the Global Plastic Pipe Industry
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ExcelPlas Labs Pipe Failure Investigations
ExcelPlas Labs have created a new benchmark in failure analysis of HDPE, PP-R, PB and PEX pipes in addition to PVC &  CPVC pipes as well as composite GRP and GRE pipes.  When a plastic pipeline fails to perform as intended, our team can determine the root cause of failure (e.g.  oxidative failure, chemical failure, creep failure, over-stress failure, fatigue failure, design failure, etc).  ExcelPlas are experienced with all plastic piping failure modes and mechanisms including Slow Crack Growth (SCG) Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP), Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR), Oxidative Stress Cracking (OSC), cyclic fatigue, manufacturing defects, and polymer material problems.

ExcelPlas Strain Hardening Test (SHT) for HDPE Pipes
The SHT in accordance with ISO 18488 is a relatively new, but excellent way to obtain a rapid indication of the Stress Crack Growth (SCG) resistance of your piping material. This tensile test performed at 80°C has become in just a few years the new standard for Batch Release Testing (BRT). And not without reason.  The test requires only a very small amount of material, the results are very reliable with a very low inter-laboratory scatter and the results are available within a few days, regardless of the PE grade. The SHT is usually performed on resin material but it can also be performed on samples taken directly from pipes or sheets. As accredited lab, EXCELPLAS is happy to discuss the possibilities with you, whether it is for BRT, benchmarking, quality control of your (high performing) PE grade or for polymer compliance/ validation.

Australia’s Plastic Pipe Testing Laboratory
ExcelPlas Laboratories provides a comprehensive plastic pipe joint testing service and is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory to test a range of polymer materials including polyethylene and polypropylene. ExcelPlas can carry out testing on plastic tube and pipe ranging in wall thickness from 3mm to 1200mm. ExcelPlas Laboratories provide a comprehensive service to Industrial & commercial companies, environmental consultants, Government bodies, and local Authority customers throughout Australia and Asia. All testing is carried and out in accordance with ASTM, ISO & WIS methods and is fully accredited to ISO 17025 by NATA.

  • Butt Fusion Weld Testing
  • Weld Testing
  • Testing of Electro-fusion Welds
  • Tear on saddle joints
  • Crush De-cohesion of Electro-fusion welds
  • Polymer & Plastics Identification
  • Chemical & Thermal Testing
  • Site Audits

ExcelPlas – the Australian Pipes & Fittings Testing Laboratory

  • Accredited to ISO 17025 by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Australia, and is Australia’s largest laboratory dedicated for the testing of plastic pipes and fittings to various Standards which include Australian, European and International Standards.
  • The staff employed at the laboratory have a combined experience of more than 85 years within the plastics industry specifically with manufacturing, quality control and the research and development of plastic piping systems including HDPE, PEX, PP-R, PVC, U-PVC, M-PVC, O-PVC, ABS, GRP, GRE and PB.
  • Services provided include conformance testing, compliance testing, batch release testing, root cause analysis for field failures and non-destructive testing of samples.

ExcelPlas Lab Specialising in HDPE Pipe Condition Monitoring, Failure Analysis and Testing
In the event of a HDPE buttweld or electrofusion weld failing during initial testing, or in service, we can conduct investigations to assist in identifying the root cause of the failure.
This service also extends to the premature failure of the pipe or fitting itself.

ExcelPlas Pipe Testing is a Leader in the Field of Polyethylene (PE) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Testing
ExcelPlas is accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for butt weld tests, bend and tensile tests, peel decohesion tests on electro fusion sockets and failure mode determination

New UHMWPE Pipe for Tailing Offers Greater Than 4X the Abrasion Resistance of PE100 (Australia wide)

ExcelPlas Poly Pipe Weld Inspection Lists Top 7 Causes of Weld Failure:

  • Lack of scraping
  • Inaccurate scraping
  • Contamination from dirt, water, oil or clays
  • Lack of Paralell-ness of fusion faces
  • Misalignment of surfaces
  • Time, temperature and pressure deviations
  • Not adhering to cool times

We have extensive experience in inspection of poly pipe welds for assuring welded joint quality.  Direct Poly Pipe Inspection ensures that operators are following the proven welding procedure; this reduces the occurrences of operational errors which lead to defects such as inclusions, lack of fusion (LoF), porosity and misalignment.
More information, contact [email protected]

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