August 2017 Vol. 2

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Asia Pacific Piping Systems Specialist Installation Services
APPS offer extensive subcontracting pipe systems installation and supporting services to mining, CSG and water industries

Aestec Services Seeking Experienced HDPE Fusion Welder Supervisor for Major Project  (Employment)

New HDPE Pipes with Protective Sheath

Supply of HDPE Pipe for Carrapateena Project – ECI Package 1 – Ausenco Downer

Prediction of Leak Flow Rate in Plastic Water Distribution Pipes Using Vibro-Acoustic Measurements (New)

Seeking Experienced HDPE Fusion Welders with exposure to High Pressure Fusion and HDPE Pipelines for a Pilbara construction contract (6 months +)

Iplex Pipelines Seeking Technical Sales Representative (Employment)

John Holland Group Seeking Leading Hand Pipelayers

ALERT – Recently a Bunch of Copycat PEX pipe products have hit the Market – Don’t Compromise on PEX Pipe Quality

PEXa vs PERT Pipes – There’s Just No Comparison (Special Feature)

NATA Approved Poly Pipe Testing Laboratory (Weld Testing, Quality Conformance Testing and more)
ExcelPlas is Australia’s leading provider of Polymer Pipe Testing, Plastics Analysis and Expert Consulting Services

Plasson Australia Seeking Territory Manager for Polyethylene Pipe Fittings  (Employment)

Fletcher Building Group reveals Profit down by 79% (Breaking News)

Pipeline Monitoring and Spillage Prevention Using Wireless Sensors and High Density Polyethylene Pipe Encasement System (New Research)

Effects of Plastic Pipe Materials to the Chemical Burden of Drinking Water (New Research)

Microstructural investigation of butt-fusion joint in high-density polyethylene pipes using X-ray scattering

Fusion Hire & Sales (FHS) Seeking Internal Sales and Sales Administration  (Employment)

Extrusion Guidelines for HDPE Pipe Grade Resins (Ineos)–patents/ineos-extrusion-guidelines-for-hdpe-pipe-grade-resins1.pdf

Drain Pipe Maker ADS Names New President and CEO (Breaking News)

Giant Pipeline Washes up In England: The HDPE pipe stretches almost half a kilometre !

ExcelPlas Pipe Testing is a Leader in the Field of Polyethylene (PE) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Testing
ExcelPlas is accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for butt weld tests, bend and tensile tests, peel decohesion tests on electro fusion sockets and failure mode determination

New UHMWPE Pipe for Tailing Offers Greater Than 4X the Abrasion Resistance of PE100

ExcelPlas Poly Pipe Weld Inspection Lists Top 7 Causes of Weld Failure:
• Lack of scraping
• Inaccurate scraping
• Contamination from dirt, water, oil or clays
• Lack of Paralell-ness of fusion faces
• Misalignment of surfaces
• Time, temperature and pressure deviations
• Not adhering to cool times

We have extensive experience in inspection of poly pipe welds for assuring welded joint quality.  Direct Poly Pipe Inspection ensures that operators are following the proven welding procedure; this reduces the occurrences of operational errors which lead to defects such as inclusions, lack of fusion (LoF), porosity and misalignment.
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