December 2016 Vol. 2

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New Invention Shur Stop™ Polyethylene Natural Gas Line Stopping System (New Product)

Enviropipes Polyethylene Pipes Approved For Non Pressure Sewers And Stormwater Drains (New Approvals)

ExcelPlas Pty Ltd specialises in non-destructive inspection, mechanical and materials testing, weld inspection, qualifications and consultancy.
We are Australia’s largest NATA accredited laboratory specialising in the testing and analysis of polyethylene pipes and provide expert professional engineering and consulting services.

Short-Term and Long-Term Mechanical Testing to Evaluate the Effect of Flaws in Butt Fusion Joints in Polyethylene Pipes [PDF]

Employment Opportunity:  UT – TOFD Technician of HDPE Welds
Only technicians qualified and experienced with UT-TOFD examination of HDPE butt welds will be acceptable.
They must be familiar with the detection of fusion flaws common to polyethylene butt fusion welds
including but not limited to contaminates, voids, cracks, discontinuities, lack of fusion and lack of penetration.

McElroy Announces New Innovations for its TracStar Butt Fusion Welders for HDPE Pipe

McElroy Introduces the MEGAMC™ Workhorse Butt Fusion Welder

Reay Services Group Seeking Experienced HDPE Pipeline Welders (Mackay & Coalfields) (QLD)

Innotech Site Services Pipeline Construction Company in Perth Seeking HDPE (Poly) Pipe Welders (WA)

Poly Pipe Welder Needed (Perth)

NEW Pipe Installation Tender 29 km Butt Welded HDPE

New Short Cut Method for Testing Stress Crack Resistance of HDPE Pipes

$800 Million Gas Pipeline on Schedule

Enprocon – New Player in Installation of HDPE Gas & Water Gathering Pipelines

Matrix Piping Systems Release Helpful Polyethylene Pipe Sizes Chart

Company’s main objective is to address the known problem of leakage in electrofusion (EF) jointing of pipes

PCA Showcases Complete Range of Electrofusion Coupling for PE Pipe

Don’t Compromise on PEX Piping
PEX pipe is being use extensively however there has been instances of imported PEX pipe with lower quality.
To get your PEX Piping Tested for Conformance to the Code contact:

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We also supply isopropanol wipes for cleaning pipes before welding

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