May 2016 Vol.1

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Melbourne PEX Pipe/Fittings Family Set to Join Billionaire Ranks

Reliance Worldwide Corp Roars Down the IPO Pipe

Prospectus for Reliance Shares – Plumbing Pipes/Fittings IPO (Declassified)

Reece Publishes Technical Brochure on New Rehau PEX-a Pipe and PPSU Fittings

OzWater Conference/Exhibition Starts Next Week in Melbourne (10-12 May 2016)

See Fusion Aus Brands at OzWater

Uponor Wins Patent Infringement Suit Against Competitors

Melb Company Involved in PEX Piping which has Developed a New PEX pipe for Gas is Seeking Funding
This PEX Pipe will replace the imported copper pipe. Import value into Australia of $1.3 billion. Two IP products are ready to be launched.
Investment $600,000 to $1.2 million for $1.7 million turnover in the first 12 months.

Melbourne-based Polymer Lab Testing can ensure PEX pipe is manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS2492
Some PEX pipes are prone to premature oxidative failure and creep rupture if not adequately crosslinked and stabilised.
ExcelPlas can test PEX pipe to determine if the pipe was manufactured correctly and if the material properties correct.

New PE-Xa Piping is made with Three Layer Construction
It has an inner layer of PE-Xa (Cross linked Polyethylene), an adhesive layer and then an outer oxygen barrier layer of EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl- Alcohol Resin)

PEX Pipes: Sources of Odours and Chemicals

TECHNICAL PRESENTATION ON PEX-Al-PE Piping (Rautitan by Rehau)–nz-.pdf

New PERT Piping For Hot Water Uses Dowlex 2344 Resin Offers Long-Life Without Crosslinking

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