November 2019 Vol. 1

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Fletcher Construction, Fulton Hogan and Watercare Services Limited have signed a $2.4 billion 10-year contract to Upgrade New Zealand’s Water Infrastructure Using HDPE Piping

Influence of Backfill Compaction on Mechanical Characteristics of High-Density Polyethylene Double-Wall Corrugated Pipelines

Fletcher Building Cutting Costs to Stabilise the Business
Fletcher Building, generates a third of its revenues from a portfolio of businesses including Tradelink plumbing and bathroom supplies, Iplex pipes, Rocla concrete and Stramit steel. The recent sharp decline in the Australian residential market saw EBIT fall 50 per cent in 2019.

Plastic Pipes XX Conference Amsterdam (21-23 September 2020) Extends Deadline for Abstract Submission to November 15th

Plasson’s Plastic-fueled Kibbutz

SA Water Publishes Authorised Products List for HDPE Pipes, Electrofusion Fittings and PVC Pipes

New ISO Standard:  ISO/WD TS 24399  Thermoplastic Pipes for the Conveyance of Fuids — Inspection of Polyethylene Butt fusion Joints using Time of Flight Diffraction Testing
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 138/SC 5 General properties of pipes, fittings and valves of plastic materials and their accessories — Test methods and basic specifications

McElroy Manufacturing Showcases New Equipment at Infusion19

HÜRNER WhiteLine HST 300 Pricon 20 Electrofusion Welding Video

New Electrofusion System Wins Award
A Bluetooth connection links the engineers’ electrofusion boxes with the ControlPoint mobile app on their smartphones. The welder is able to take photos of their weld and these are compiled with the welding parameter data and sent via the phone’s data connection to ControlPoint

McCalc Fusion Calculator 4+HDPE/PP Pressure CalculatorMcElroy Manufacturing, Inc.

HDPE Couplings Rescue a Landfill’s Failed Fusion Welds

Deterioration Assessment Models for Water Pipelines

Influence of Hydrothermal Aging on E-glass and S-Glass Fiber/Epoxy Reinforced Composite Pipes

Leak-Before-Break Methodology Applied to Different Piping Materials: a Performance Evaluation

Iplex Upload The Complete Library of PIPA’s Guidelines & Notes

Sponsors Announced for Plastic Pipes XX Conference Amsterdam (21-23 September 2020)

Laboratory Study on Effect of Grout Choice on Culvert Rehabilitation Using Slip Lining

Design Considerations For Underground Hot Water Piping

Use of Recycled Polypropylene/Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Blends to Manufacture Water Pipes: An Industrial Scale Study

Thermoplastic Composite Pipes: A Reliable Cost-Effective Solution for Pre-salt


New Patent on Methods of Joining or Repairing Lined Pipes and Associated Apparatus

Multimodal Polyethylene-Graphene Nanocomposite via Melt Extrusion for Geosynthetic Applications

Influence of Polyolefin Cross-contamination on the Slow Crack Growth Resistance of Polyethylene Pipe Grade

PE100 Pipe for HDD Accepted for Logan Project

South Africa HDPE Pipe Company Wins Award
BT Industrial: Manufactures High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and provides an array of complementary services to customers including engineering, project management, quantity surveying, and maintenance solutions.

Australia’s Plastic Pipe Testing Laboratory
ExcelPlas Laboratories provides a comprehensive plastic pipe joint testing service and is equipped with a state of the art laboratory to test a range of polymer materials including polyethylene and polypropylene. ExcelPlas can carry out testing on plastic tube and pipe ranging in wall thickness from 20mm to 1200mm. ExcelPlas Laboratories provide a comprehensive service to Industrial & commercial companies, environmental consultants, Government bodies and local Authority customers throughout Australia and Asia. 
All testing is carried and out in accordance with ASTM, ISO & WIS methods and is fully accredited to ISO 17025 by NATA.
• Butt Fusion Weld Testing
• Weld Testing
• Testing of Electro-fusion Welds
• Tear on saddle joints
• Crush De-cohesion of Electro-fusion welds
• Polymer & Plastics Identification
• Chemical & Thermal Testing
• Site Audits

Australian Poly Solutions Specialises in HDPE Pipe Fusion Welding and Hydrostatic Testing Services with Knowhow and Experience you can rely on

RITMO: APP – SET & GO! PRO Butt Fusion for Pressure Pipe

ExcelPlas – the Australian Pipes & Fittings Testing Laboratory

  • Accredited to ISO 17025 by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Australia, and is Australia’s largest laboratory dedicated for the testing of plastic pipes and fittings to various Standards which include Australian, European and International Standards.
  • The staff employed at the laboratory have a combined experience of more than 85 years within the plastics industry specifically with manufacturing, quality control and the research and development of plastic piping systems including HDPE, PEX, PP-R, PVC, U-PVC, M-PVC, O-PVC, ABS, GRP, GRE and PB.
  • Services provided include conformance testing, compliance testing, batch release testing, root cause analysis for field failures and non-destructive testing of samples.

ExcelPlas Lab Specialising in HDPE Pipe Condition Monitoring, Failure Analysis and Testing
In the event of a HDPE buttweld or electrofusion weld failing during initial testing, or in service, we can conduct investigations to assist in identifying the root cause of the failure.
This service also extends to the premature failure of the pipe or fitting itself.

ExcelPlas Pipe Testing is a Leader in the Field of Polyethylene (PE) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Testing
ExcelPlas is accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for butt weld tests, bend and tensile tests, peel decohesion tests on electro fusion sockets and failure mode determination

New UHMWPE Pipe for Tailing Offers Greater Than 4X the Abrasion Resistance of PE100 (Australia wide)

ExcelPlas Poly Pipe Weld Inspection Lists Top 7 Causes of Weld Failure:
• Lack of scraping
• Inaccurate scraping
• Contamination from dirt, water, oil or clays
• Lack of Paralell-ness of fusion faces
• Misalignment of surfaces
• Time, temperature and pressure deviations
• Not adhering to cool times

We have extensive experience in inspection of poly pipe welds for assuring welded joint quality.  Direct Poly Pipe Inspection ensures that operators are following the proven welding procedure; this reduces the occurrences of operational errors which lead to defects such as inclusions, lack of fusion (LoF), porosity and misalignment.
More information, contact [email protected]

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