July 2015 Vol.1

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1. Murphy Pipe & Civil currently seeking HDPE Pipe Testing Technicians

2. Murphy Pipe & Civil  currently seeking HDPE Pipe Testing Engineers for HDPE Gathering Pipelines

3. East Coast Pipeline Pty Ltd (ECP) currently seeking experienced HDPE Pipeline Construction Superintendent

4. Rio Tinto currently seeking experienced Poly Welders for upcoming shut down work in the Pilbara

5. BHP seeking experienced Poly Pipeline supervisor for Pilbara to supervise the installation of 225 to 650mm pipe spools and trenching

6. Santos in Talks with APA over Potential Narrabri Pipeline

7. George Fischer present ‘New Active reinforcement “pipe in pipe” Electrofusion (EF) Couplers – features and benefits’
by Mark Holmes, George Fischer

8. ‘Vinidex discusses their Experiences with NDT on HDPE pipes’
by Steve Wood, Vinidex

9. Australian Pipe Expert presents ‘Condition Monitoring of Poly Pipes’
by Dr Alan Whittle, Director, Alan Whittle Consulting

10. iPipe present ‘Pre-commissioning and commissioning gathering networks utilising N2 and Direct Purge methodology’
by Will Gadsby & Ian Nugent, iPipe Services

11. Qenos present ‘New High Stress Crack Resistant PE100’
by Ged Beckton, Market Segment Manager, Qenos

12. Iplex present ‘PE100-HSCR High Stress Crack Resistant Pipe – Potential User Benefits’
by Roger Connolly, National Product Development and Technical Services Manager, Iplex Pipelines

13. Mechanical Behavior of PE Pipes in Small-Scale Simulated Seismic Conditions in Laboratory (PDF)

14. Applications of Ultrasonic NDT Techniques in Oil and Gas Pipeline Industries (PDF)

15. Northern Territory HDPE Pipe Installer (NTAP) Expanding Operations

16. Seeking HDPE Pipe Layer with Poly Weld experience

17. Pressure Capability of HDPE PE100 and PVC Pipe (PDF)

18. Rash of failures in PEX-AL-PEX piping in Residential Domestic Hot Water and Hydronic Heating Systems
Tests showed that the PEX material had low gel content (indicative of inadequate crosslinking), and early depletion of the antioxidant, thus lowering the resistance to oxidative degradation

19. The New Star in HDPE Pipe Bends “Pipestar” – Supplier of long radius sweep bends in all pressure ratings up to 1200mm diameter HDPE pipe

20. OSD Announces MD Succession
OSD announces that Founder, Managing Director and major shareholder, Mr Brian O’Sullivan AM, has after 23 years in the role, moved to the position of Executive Chairman.

21. Iplex presents at No Dig Expo – Todd Randell is a Technical Sales Engineer working for Iplex Pipelines in NZ

22. Markers laid out for new Bundaberg Gas Pipeline

This Newsletter is brought to you by ExcelPlas Pipe Testing Labs (Dalby QLD)

• Quality Assurance and Poly Pipe Weld Testing of HDPE pipes during installation is a regular part of ExcelPlas’ work.

• We work with some of the largest pipe installers in Australia to ensure the quality and longevity of pipe systems in CSG and water infrastructure projects through poly pipe weld testing.

• We have years of experience in examining butt weld and electrofusion welds failures and are able to provide expert determination of where a failure lies (i.e. the operator, welding equipment or material).

• While forensic failure analysis is another service we offer, we would prefer to stop the failures, and this can be achieved by relatively low cost Quality Assurance work upon installation of HDPE pipe lines.

• Quality Assurance is performed by a destructive test (DT) on selected field pipe welds.  The number of sample welds taken for DT testing depends on the size of the pipeline installation and the likely effect of any failure.

• Our Dalby Lab and Roma Depot enables pipe weld testing to be expedited, even on a same day basis when logistics allow, minimising disruption to construction while giving you confidence in your installations years into the future.