June 2015 Vol.1

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1. WDS Limited (ASX:WDS) awarded balance of works contract on Arrow Energy’s Daandine Pipeline Expansion Project  

2. Arrow Energy Publish Initial Report on Bowen Pipeline Project

3. ExcelPlas Offering Advanced Condition Assessment and Pipe Failure Prediction Service
Failure of polyethylene pipelines can occur when the strength, toughness or chemical resistance capabilities of the pipe or its welds are exceeded.

4. APGA Update Code of Practice for Upstream Polyethylene Gathering Networks in the Coal Seam Gas Industry

5. ExcelPlas Poly Pipe Testing Develops New Weld Integrity Recording Feature using Encapsulated RFID Tags
More information: contact [email protected]

6. HDPE Pipe Welders Required for Roy Hill Project

7. Safety Alert – Inadequate surface preparation or inadvertent contamination of plastic pipe surfaces prior to saddle fusion welding led to a recent gas explosion that caused eight deaths and dozens of injuries

8. PIPA Updates POP Pipe Guidelines

9. Massive Lawsuit Over Faulty Water Pipes in Melbourne Hospital

10. Seeking HDPE Welders for Townsville Project

11. CSG Companies Exhibiting at Surat Basin Mining and Energy Expo (June 17th & 18th)

12. Getting to Grips With Electrofusion Jointing of HDPE Pipes

13. PE100+ Association Publishes List of Approved PE100 Pipe Resins

The PE100+ Association ensures the very highest quality of PE100 products by continuously monitoring three
fundamental properties
1. Creep Rupture Strength,
2. Stress Crack Resistance and
3. Resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation

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